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Donald – Meryland, USA
Dr Ram mani Bhandari is the best person that can help with my medical info and I am going to listen to him the site is very well designed and the site is designed for the right reason keep it up Ayurvediccure.info

Dr Ram mani Bhandari is very knowledgeable and very help ful and he also suggested somethings that my Doctor never said to me to do or get thank you Dr Ram mani Bhandari

Shree Krishna Khakurel ( Kathmandu, Nepal)
Dr. Bhandari is energetic and active doctor in my person view. I had taken many advice from him like as :- how to care our hair, about our skin, about baby born and it’s care etc-etc. I got relief following him.I did all things tha Dr. Bhandari told, i felt better and am happy too. i had hair problem but i follow his advice and fell better with his advice other many things i did throgh his suggestion.Now adays if i have any problem than i used to ask him and get suggest . he is the best Dr. from my view side, so i would recommend everyone and suggest to do ayurvedic treatment with him. At last i want to tell Dr. bhandari do best and best in future. One thing is that you are the best .

k. Vibin ( Chennai, Tamilnadu)
Dr Ram Bhandari is very helpfull in my view.He will prescribed the best medicines.I have taken the advice from him.From his words iam sure i will get what i wish.I want Dr.Ram name should comes first from everyone.All d best sir and Thanku once again

The site made by Doc ram mani is quite an informative one lot of general formula for the well being r given .This is best thing that can be done for the well being of human kind & for spreading a noble art like ayurveda.Pls Keep it up Doc .

Guilia, France
During my trip to Nepal, I asked for help to Dr. Ran Mani Bhandari. He was very attentive and conscientious. He gave me back even a little hope that about about my health problem. He was a great help and even today, although I am in Europe he is still present when I asked questions on Internet! Ayurvedic medicine works with good doctors, thank you Dr. RMB

Richa Mishra , Indore, India
Dr Ram Mani is very knowledgeable and expert in his field. He has the ability to solve the patient problems by effective listening. I wish him all the very best and hope many people will take advantage of his expertise

Bhupendra Nirajan , Kathamndu
I really appreciate your enthusiasm, dedication and effort to preserve, promote and explore the potentialities of Ayurveda system of knowledge and practices for the well-being of all human beings of this globe. Thank you dr bhandari.

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